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Veteran actor and master teacher John D’Aquino (Cory in the House, Shake it Up, CSI, Hannah Montana, Seinfeld) starred in six TV series and recurred and guest starred on dozens of other popular shows. His love for performing is surpassed only by his love for teaching, a love inspired by his mentor, teacher and friend, Charles Nelson Riley, who instilled in his students a passion for helping actors create dynamic performances by reaching deep into the human spirit. 


John teaches weekly classes as well as private audition coaching and videotaping sessions in his studio in Burbank. He offers career consultations to actors and their families who want to create a blueprint for success, using accountability and goal setting as a framework for success. He holds local seminars, workshops and summer camps in Burbank, and travels the country teaching his proven acting and audition techniques and sharing his passion for acting with young students and their parents.


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