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Career Consultation

Consultations are designed to help actors and parents of young actors better understand the often confusing road ahead.  We all have dreams, but unless a blueprint is designed to turn dreams into tangible goals, we will never turn them into a reality.  If our dreams are to enjoy a chance of coming true, we must have the courage to create a blueprint to our eventual success.


Especially, in the beginning, it is essential to gain a global view of what makes a person special, to help them define their dreams and to lay a foundation that will allow them to manifest what they dare to imagine.John D'Aquino at CSA 2008


Understanding the craft of acting is only part of the equation.  Unfortunately, you’ll never know some of the best actors I’ve ever known because they either lacked a specific plan or the heart to see it through.


The word “business” should appear before the word “show” when describing what lies ahead.  We must embrace the fact that this is a business and we will either create a commodity that they need or we will sit in the wings, only working, when someone decides to use us. 


Hollywood doesn’t need another victim.  Arm yourself with the tools required to make it.


$200.00 per hour consultation