Local Workshops – Pilot and Episodic Prep

Workshops are among the best training options we offer. These three day intensives are offered throughout the year. Episodic Season Prep is offered in the fall over Labor Day  weekend and Pilot Season Prep is offered in the winter over MLK and President’s Day weekends.

These workshops are designed to help young actors make significant leaps in their audition technique, get invaluable feedback from our professional community.

Our Pilot and Episodic Prep workshops always sell out so check your calendar and make your plans NOW! In the past year, we are proud to have helped so many young actors attain their goals of working in television and film. Many former Prep Showcase Workshop students have leading or recurring roles on Raven’s Home andCousins, Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans (now in it’s fifth season), Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, Every Witch Way, Disney’s Raven’s Home, Jessie, Lab Rats, Kickin’ It, Austin and Ally and KirbyBuckets. On major network, you can find other former prep actors on CBS’s Madam Secretary, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, NBC’s Splitting Up Together,amongst others.

We will challenge each young actor to find unique and compelling ways to use their individuality to stand out and make the most of every casting opportunity. During the three day weekend, students will be immersed in audition technique classes and exercises specifically tailored for guest star roles, along with one on one instruction and coaching on their scene.

We begin on Day 1 with a video-taped cold-read of their assigned scene and finish the workshop on Day 3 with a video-taped mock audition of the same scene in front of our industry guests. Immediately after their mock audition, our invited guests will give each participant live feedback and an assessment of their performance and discuss their readiness for the pilot season ahead. You will also receive a video recording of their cold read, final performance and feedback once the workshop is over.  We cover:

  • Strong Choices for Auditions vs. Performances
  • Understanding how the two universes differ and
  • How to use intelligent risk to create a signature audition
  • The difference between sounding like an actor and really acting
  • How to put yourself into every role and learning who you are along the way
  • When the audition really begins
  • Preparation, Entering the Room, Saying Goodbye
  • They hire the person, not the performance
  • The distinction between the person and the product
  • Perfection is not the goal – How your mistakes allow us to love you
  • Improvisational Techniques for Exploring The Character Quickly
  • Word Game and “Painting the White of the Page” Techniques
  • Cold Read Scene Study Techniques for the Audition
  • What to do if your audition is put on tape
  • How to handle being thrown into a different role at the audition
  • Mock Audition Under Realistic Conditions with Detailed Feedback (Comedic & Dramatic)