Commercial Workshop

The Commercial Workshop is designed to help actors learn the ins and outs of commercial auditioning and acting! This training is crucial to help actors understand how commercials specifically differ from TV/Film. During the workshop students will focus on understanding the importance of improv in commercials and when / how to use it. Additionally, students will learn the different types of commercials and how to prepare for each, how to successfully deliver copy, and why the slate matters.

Our instructors will be joined by a working commercial actor (varies) to help students understand how to successfully approach commercial auditions and deliver on the shoot day. We review how to make strong choices, bring your authentic voice to the commercial, and what it takes to book the job.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding the audition process for commercials

  • Camera tips + tricks in auditions 
  • Learn how commercials differ from TV/Film

  • The different types of commercials and how to prep for each 
  • Working on camera with copy 
  • Wardrobe selection
  • How to use improv in auditions / on set