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CAMP HOLLYWOOD is simply the best film camp experience in America. Past campers have gone on to star in Nickelodeon and Disney Sitcoms, Network TV and Major Motion Pictures. We provide the most realistic on-set experience outside of a big Hollywood production and prepare actors for everything from the audition to the shoot to the red carpet premiere!

CAMP HOLLYWOOD is a unique opportunity for actors to learn and implement their craft in a realistic on-set environment. Weeks before this 11-day immersion begins, actors will be cast in original films scripted by our professional staff writers. Each film will challenge actors in a specific role tailored to their strengths. Our productions include professional sets with a full crew, camera and lighting packages, call sheets, hair/make-up, wardrobe, and crafty (everyone’s favorite!). Camp concludes with red-carpet interviews and a big screen premiere!

In addition to the filming process, the rehearsals and curriculum are specifically designed to help actors prepare for their first big job on set. Actors will learn how to build their characters, deliver a successful table read and understand how to implement their direction and blocking. Directors will work one-on-one with actors to help them deliver powerful performances in their Camp Hollywood movie. In addition to this great learning experience, actors will have high quality footage to include on their demo reel!

In addition, we offer seminars and workshops to better prepare parents for what lies ahead in their child’s professional career. These opportunities help parents understand what is expected of them, professional etiquette, potential pitfalls and the business in general.

Also available for our campers only, we offer multiple casting director / industry pro workshops beginning the night before camp and continuing throughout camp for an additional purchase.

The final day of camp includes a red-carpet screening of our camp movies at the Charlie Chaplin screening room at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Campers will be provided extra seats for family members and we will also invite our industry friends to join us.

NOTE:  Classes and activities will take place on the campus of a lovely and secure school where we will have exclusive access to rehearsal rooms, a cafeteria, a gymnasium and outdoor picnic area.


  • Set protocol / what’s expected of you on a TV / Film set
  • Crew member roles in production and their function on set
  • How to read a breakdown / callsheet
  • Advanced audition preparation
  • One-on-one coaching to develop memorable characters
  • Applying discovery techniques for the camera
  • Using the 4th wall to make the environment come to life
  • Developing dynamic entrances and exits
  • Learning and applying eyelines for the camera
  • Discovering the value of “active interrogation”
  • Learning comedic misdirections and dramatic emotional beats
  • Understanding acting as a business
  • How to interview with agents / managers
  • How to make the biggest impact with your red carpet interviews


DISCLAIMER: DEAR ACTOR, Please note that this camp, as with all of our other events, is specifically designed to educate and train, NOT to get you representation or guaranteed employment. That said, many of our camp alumni have gone on to star in tv, film and even Broadway!


Siri Hiremath

Siri headshot

I am very grateful for the Virtual Camp Hollywood, it was a great opportunity to meet very talented fellow artists from all over the country. I learned so much. Our teachers were phenomenal and we all adapted seamlessly to create a fun and exciting learning environment.

Molly Yates (Mom of Nora Yates)

Molly headshot

Camp Hollywood was an absolute game changer for my daughter, Nora. It got way more in depth than any other class she has taken. The teachers assume the kids can handle the challenge and throw them straight into the A game. Nora will walk away with industry feedback, footage, new friends and an incredible amount of new knowledge. We highly recommend Camp Hollywood!

Chloe Schueller

Chloe headshot

Camp Hollywood was a blast! I learned so much about becoming a better actor at every level of my career. From making my resume professional to rocking the red carpet, I feel so prepared. All the teachers are so kind and knowledgeable about the business. I can tell my acting is at another level after this camp!

Camp Hollywood pre-production day.

Camp Hollywood production days.

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