Regional Workshops

Regional workshops are your chance to study with our best instructors in your hometown! John and his team bring his most popular classes and workshops to you! We have weekend regional workshops in several states and are adding new cities and regions all the time. Topics include:

  • Advanced Scene Study

  • John’s Active Interrogation Technique

  • John’s Magic Rectangle

  • How to Master the Virtual Audition

  • The Art of Self Tapes

  • On-Camera Performance 

  • How To Make Funny

  • From Audition To Callback

  • Master The Disney & Nick Test Scene

  • Stranger Kids / Teens (Stranger Things)

  • Booking The Procedural Drama

  • Modern Family Style 

  • CW Drama

  • Scene Objective, Conflict, and The Unfolding Moment

Each of these classes aims to identify the strength’s of each actor, their weaknesses and then help them formulate a blueprint for their development.  Please check the right side of our homepage for the most current offerings and purchase the workshop in the workshops tab of our shopping section. And if you have an acting school or workshop and would like John and his staff to teach in your town, contact us at  for more information.