Demo Reels

Demo Reels are essential to showcase an actor’s skill set. Our in-house demo reel editor Ryan Ackelsberg edits custom tailored demo reels to highlight an actor’s strengths, range, and body of work. 

Actors can send desired clips and desired length to along with their inquiry. Once the process is started, actors can collaborate with Ryan to discuss specific needs or requests. He can even add custom graphics like the title of each project and representation information. 

We also offer highlight reels where we select only the top moments of your work from one of our Camp Hollywood movies or the project of your choice,


  • $75/hr (Average 2-4 hours)
  • $12 for clip acquisition (Ryan Pulls Your Footage)
  • Turnaround Time 1-2 weeks

Our Professional Editing Services Include:

  • Strategic clip selection and placement
  • Clip acquisition if requested
  • Color & sound adjustments
  • Adding music / sound effects
  • Selection of delivery formats available depending on reel use  (acting databases, youtube, and compact file for easy sharing over email / text)