Here’s what some of our students have to say about us…

Student Testimonials

Allie Thompson

Allie Thompson

“The classes and staff at YAW always help me grow as an actor and a person. The staff puts so much effort into helping each and every student grow. I am grateful for the option to do classes online. I feel like I’m learning just as much if not more and I couldn’t be more excited to continue my journey!”

Erica Dade

Erica Headshot

“John is a wonderful teacher with a passion and knowledge of the craft. He is constructive and roots for us to keep improving our skills. Love that I am able to learn remotely – I’ve always wanted to take an acting class from LA and now I can say that I have – and will keep doing so!”

Isabel Loren

Isabel Headshot

“For any actor that is interested in bettering themselves as an artist while also gaining meaningful insight of the industry, I highly recommend taking one of John’s workshops. He’s an incredible teacher who genuinely wants to see his students succeed and help them grow. I’ve been attending his classes for 3 years & I fall more in love with acting every time. Take his class, I promise you won’t regret it!”

Sarah Noelle Eeastep

Sarah Headshot

“I loved the Active Interrogation workshop. I learned that if you have questions in your head you think the character is asking, it changes the way you say the line. John is a great actor and teacher. I got to meet industry professionals and work with different people I never thought I would. I highly recommend JDYAW. They offer so many classes with amazing and talented teachers who are fun to work with.”

Kim Blake

Kim Headshot

“John is such an amazing coach! I love his active interrogation concept, it has helped me gain multiple callbacks and it makes me feel more attached to my work!”

Owen Atlas

Owen Headshot

“John D’Aquino has been a mentor to me. He and his staff have helped me and my mom navigate this business. I was lucky enough to book my first movie right after my first Camp Hollywood. Because of my training at camp, I was ready and confident to be on set!” Little Evil (Netflix)

Jacob Perez

Jacob with John

“John D’Aquino’s coaches, classes, workshops, and camps helped me prepare and book my first feature film. Their classes are always fun, I’m always learning new things, and they’re far from boring.”

Silas Mwenda

Silas Headshot

“Class with John is a breath of fresh air. I am originally from Kenya, Africa and after I moved to the US it has been hard to get on my feet in my acting career. After I met John and signed up for his class I learned a lot of tricks about how I can be very competitive. I feel very confident now! The classes are a lot of fun and very inclusive! Love it!”

Kira Kosarin

Kira as Phoeber

So much of what I have accomplished is in at least some part owed to what I learned from John and Japheth. Camp Hollywood was especially important to my development because it prepared me for life on a professional set.

Judah Prehn

Judah headshot

“John’s class is really fun. There is always something new, like a challenge. John is always there for you. No matter what class you are in you will always have a chuckle! The skills I’ve learned have really helped me on set, and increased my confidence as an actor.”

Olive Kimbrell

Olive headshot

I received the best training I think I’ve ever had. The instructors and other students and insanely welcoming, helpful, and supportive. I’ve known the community for a couple months but they already feel like a family. I can’t wait to see the movie, I know it’s going to be incredible. I’ve had more fun than this whole year, and I’m definitely going back every year if I can! I also I got to have pet cockroaches, and that is always a bonus.

Siri Hiremath

Siri headshot

I am very grateful for the Virtual Camp Hollywood, it was a great opportunity to meet very talented fellow artists from all over the country. I learned so much. Our teachers were phenomenal and we all adapted seamlessly to create a fun and exciting learning environment.

Chloe Schueller

Chloe headshot

Camp Hollywood was a blast! I learned so much about becoming a better actor at every level of my career. From making my resume professional to rocking the red carpet, I feel so prepared. All the teachers are so kind and knowledgeable about the business. I can tell my acting is at another level after this camp!

Waverley Lim

Waverly headshot

This studio provides students with a strong foundation of skills to make them feel prepared going into any audition or walking on to any set. The studio has amazing teachers that are committed to the growth and success of your child. I could not be more grateful to have these teachers’ support throughout the years.

Julia Green

Julia headshot

John and his team certainly go the extra mile to provide nothing but the best for their students. Each lesson is personalized and encouraging. The instructors always find a way to challenge, support, and motivate students while putting them in the best position to shine. Highly recommended!

Brody Ensor

Brody headshot

John’s online workshops provide an advantage for all actors. Working on how to perform in a virtual format gives students the ability to be prepared for live virtual auditions, allowing actors to be a step ahead of the competition. John knows the industry and knows how to guide his students to success.

Peyton Nebens

Peyton headshot

I have been working with John for a couple years and am so glad that I have. I have learned so much about acting and the dedication and the time it takes. John is so passionate and dedicated to what he does and it shows! I would recommend his classes in a heartbeat!

Jill Paris


An actor friend recommended John’s workshops to me and, after completing Procedural Drama and The Audition Reimagined, I cannot sing his praises loudly enough. John is quite possibly one of the finest teachers I have ever encountered. His knowledge, passion for the craft, and tireless effort to make you a better actor is invaluable, not to mention, highly effective. As a first-time actor, to suddenly be studying amongst extremely talented people was a bit daunting, but John quickly puts you at ease and made the process instructional and fun at the same time. I loved practicing the scenes outside of class with my partners via FaceTime. Learning to navigate the audition process via Zoom is imperative with today’s industry standard. Acting with a partner via Zoom allows you to get creative within a limited space (which is something that will make you stand out to Casting Directors later on!) I cannot wait to sign up for my next workshop. I think I just may be a John D’Aquino acting student for life!

Leah Prehn


As the mom of a young actor, I wanted to experience an acting class myself. WOW! I was not prepared for the amazing community of actors that I would meet and the level of training I would receive. One class has turned into 5 workshops, soon to be 6, and I find myself on my own journey into acting outside of my son’s. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

These classes are for people who are serious about wanting to learn how to read a script, actively listen to their scene partners, and make bold, emotional choices in their performances. The actors in class range from seasoned professional currently shooting projects, to new adults exploring acting for the first time. Anyone that’s serious about entering the world of acting, or upping their skill level, should take a class with John D/Aquino and his team.

The best part is the experience with the other actors in class who are totally supportive. Every time I enter a class, it’s like getting together with friends and doing something we love.

Noah Rico

Noah Headshot

At a very young age, I fell in love with acting, and my parents decided to support my dream. They took me to Los Angeles, and I started classes at JOHN D’AQUINO’S YAW. “When I first enrolled I thought I knew a lot about acting but I quickly realized I was wrong! It took training with the coaches and constantly practicing to get the best out of me! It’s been less than two years and with their knowledge, support and coaching, I have booked important roles with Nickelodeon, Disney and most recently HBO Max. John teaches me to be bold. Shane teaches me to be authentic and Japheth teaches me to be unique. It’s important to refine your work to keep yourself sharp and ready for whenever an opportunity is presented. They’ve all taught me things that truly help when it comes to making my auditions more engaging. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what I have accomplished so far. I’m truly grateful for the whole team and what they’ve done for me. They are not only my acting school but my family!” “All That” (Nickelodeon)

Mimi Bourke

I learned lifelong, useful acting techniques that will forever benefit my career. All of the instructors were very timely in their responses to any questions I had and genuinely wanted me to succeed! I look forward to exploring more of their courses and I am beyond grateful for the experience!

Parent Testimonials

Jen Anderson (Mom of Sadie Anderson)

Sadie Headshot

“We received a beautiful relationship with a village of professionals that would prove to have a profound impact on our daughter (and whole family) in a short amount of time. This industry is tough, but when you have children that need this outlet to express their creativity, they need a team that can nurture, challenge and protect them. This is what you will find at YAW.”

Sandra Castillo (Mom of Mia Castillo)


“John D’Aquino and his staff have been a true blessing. They go above and beyond to help kids grow in their craft and guide them in their development as careers and personally. They really care about students and their well being, and the amount of support we have found in this school is of immeasurable value. They are working actors and my kids have learned so much that we all agree they are an extension of our family. I recommend them 100%”

Lisa Harris (Mom of Megan Harris)

Megan Headshot

“My daughter, Megan started classes with John and his amazing coaches almost a year ago. The boost in her confidence and all around skill set is incredible. She loves every class and every coach! The move to virtual classes has been easier than I could have ever imagined. The classes are equally engaging, fun and thought provoking. We will always be a part of John’s YAW family – there is no place Megan would rather be – or me!”

Andrea Judd (Mom of Cameron Judd)

Cameron Headshot

“John is amazing! His commitment to the whole actor and to the process, along with his positivity and guidance are heartfelt and make these actors GROW! My son always walks away from his classes and tells me something new that he has learned – and something he can’t wait to try. I love when he is prepping for an audition – or walks out of a casting office and says something like “John says …” (we have to take risks – is my favorite).”

Molly Yates (Mom of Nora Yates)

Molly headshot

Camp Hollywood was an absolute game changer for my daughter, Nora. It got way more in depth than any other class she has taken. The teachers assume the kids can handle the challenge and throw them straight into the A game. Nora will walk away with industry feedback, footage, new friends and an incredible amount of new knowledge. We highly recommend Camp Hollywood!

Tanya Lookadoo (Mom of Avery Lookadoo)

Avery headshot

JDAW is such an amazing school! Our son was 7 years old when he decided he wanted to be an actor. We made the move to LA and then a friend referred us to John and his school. It was the best move we ever made! To be with such an amazing group of people who truly believe in your child’s talent is wonderful! Avery absolutely loves JDAW. John has gone above and beyond to give Avery a chance at his dream. It’s not always an easy journey in this business but John not only guides your children to believe in their craft but also truly cares about them personally. Avery loves everyone in the school and has made many friends as well! All I can say is thank you. Thank you for showing us that you care and believe in our son!

Richard Russell (Dad of Tristan Russell)

Tristan headshot

John and coaches are the absolute best. John has been there for us from the beginning of this incredible journey sharing his insight, expert navigation and all the classes, camps, and intensives a young actor needs to hone their craft and find their actor’s soul.

Leah Prehn (Mom of Judah Prehn)

Leah headshot

We were introduced to John & Young Actor’s Workshop through my son’s manager and they are THE BEST. Everyone who works there is incredibly talented and accomplished – and they pour all that energy into the students. Since working with the team, my son has gotten more callbacks and bookings and is consistently complimented on his skills by casting directors. For kids that are serious about acting, this is the only place to train.

Courtney Caparella-Kraemer (Mom of Reagan Kraemer)

Courtney headshot

My daughter has been a student at this school for over two years and John and all of the staff are the absolute best and always there to support the kids when they need it. The online classes are really in depth and I’ve watched my daughter, and now my son, grow and develop so much while working with John, Japheth, Shane and everyone else there. I really couldn’t say enough good things, but we highly recommend!

Claudia Chain (Mom of Noah Rico)


It is hard to come up with the right words to express how important and impactful JOHN D’AQUINO’S YAW has been for us. First and most importantly, they have been our support. Our family away from home and our encouragement to know that we were taking the right decisions for Noah’s career. We will forever be grateful to John, Shane, Japheth, Emily and Paige. Second, the level of professionalism. They strive for excellence in their techniques and classes, and aim to get the best performance out of the students every time. I can assure that Noah’s success has been a result of the team’s constant support and effort. We will forever have you all in our hearts.

Pam Ty (Mom of Nick Ty Hammons)

We have been with John’s school for 6 months now and could not be happier that we were pointed his direction. The quality of instruction is excellent across the board – from on-screen to improv to voice over to singing. John takes great care in recruiting the best teachers and staff to support his students. And in turn, his showcases bring together the top industry professionals who are always eager to see John’s latest kids. In fact, the Comedy Sketch Showcase allowed Nick to really shine and immediately got the interest of all attending agents and allowed us to secure amazing representation. Bottom line: This is a top notch, full service acting school and you won’t find anything better out there.

Trish Manning (Mom of Sage Manning)

John, Shane, Michelle, Carmen, and Emily are an amazing team of skillful, experienced actors who are also talented at teaching. My daughter (10.5 yrs old as of this review) has been working with them for almost 7 months and has developed such skills – auditioning, being on camera, improv, and voiceover. She enjoys her classes so much that she regularly prioritizes them over other fun in-person activities. She feels like such a big part of the JDAW family.

Natalie Dunham (Mom of Giuliana Rae)

John D’Aquino and his team are exceptionally incredible people! Giuliana Rae has taken numerous acting classes, the Pilot Prep Workshop, private coaching for auditions, as well as the ultimate Camp Hollywood! She has learned so much and has made so many wonderful connections! It has truly been an amazing experience!

Kate Dehm (Mom of Sera Nicole)

John is not only an incredible acting coach but he is a very kind person and does all that he can so his students thrive, grow in their craft and succeed. My daughter has grown tremendously as an actor from the expertise and guidance from John and his team while attending acting classes and Camp Hollywood. The entire team is so professional, knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend John D’Aquino’s Acting School to anyone looking to break into the entertainment industry!

The McKinneys (Parents of Rylee, Kyra, and Aiden McKinney)

Aside from being a phenomenal acting coach, John D’Aquino has created an amazing, unique environment for students to develop skills, boost their confidence, and explore avenues within the industry, aside from acting. John challenges them, encourages them, and ultimately drives them to realize their potential! JDAW is a family/team community where John and his staff truly care about their students. The students also truly care about each other, rooting for each other and celebrating together. It is a very positive, welcoming place that our young actors are excited to be at every single week. We couldn’t be happier that all three of our kids (Rylee (14), Kyra and Aiden (18+)) will have John, Shane, Emily and the rest of the JDAW staff on their team throughout their incredible journeys.


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