Purchase Credits

Single Classes

Our pricing is designed to reward regular attendance with discounts on class credits purchased as a monthly subscription at one class a week or unlimited classes per week. You can still buy a single class credit each time you book a class. To do so, simply select the class you would like to attend HERE and pay at checkout. The first time you do so, you will be asked to create an account and upload a headshot for our records.

Subscription Discounts

If you take one class per week regularly, you will probably want to purchase a monthly class subscription which gives you four classes every four weeks billed monthly automatically until you cancel.

If you take more than one class a week, you can purchase the UNLIMITED CLASS subscription which lets you take as many classes as there are available in your age group each month, billed automatically until you cancel.

Private Sessions

We do not offer subscriptions for private sessions, but buying bulk packages can save you considerable money over the long run. Packages for privates are also listed below.

Acuity Iphone and Android App – The Best way to go!

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 The BEST way to purchase credits and schedule classes, workshop and private sessions is by using the  Acuity Scheduler App, the easiest way to book, track and modify your classes and appointments! If you have more than one student in your family, please create a separate account for each student. To download and add our johndaquino.net service, scan the code from your phone camera and click the link.

If you prefer to use your laptop or computer, you can book classes HERE