Our School

From Nickelodeon and Disney stars, guest stars to principal actors in major studio films, network  television series and even leads in Broadway musicals, John and his staff have trained them all. A generation of young actors in Hollywood and throughout the US has passed through our studio, and we’re proud of each and every one of their accomplishments, whether as an acting professional or wherever they chose to use their unique talents.

We have developed a curriculum designed with the working actor in mind, covering topics for beginners, all the way to set etiquette and working with the different trades’ crew members and producers they will meet on set. Our program is designed for success, and prepares young actors not only to get the job, but keep it and build on it for the next one after that.

Teaching Philosophy

Inspired by his teacher, the late-great Charles Nelson Reilly, John created a school which strives to deliver his philosophy to new generations of young actors. By first acknowledging and embracing our strengths and weaknesses, actors learn to see where we are great, where we are fragile, and understand how our emotional make-up can infuse real life energy into the characters we portray.

Although great actors make it seem simple, delivering dynamic performances requires the courage to reach within oneself to find those parts of us that are the character, who must know who they are and what they want, then risk everything in order to get it!

Classes taught by Working Actors

Each and every class is taught by a working professional with a long list of credits in his or her specialty. To learn more about our staff and see their credits and links to their IMDb pages, click HERE.