Career Consultation

Career Consultations help actors and their families navigate the entertainment industry as a business and help young actors embrace a comprehensive approach to career development. Consults are one-on-one opportunities to analyze things like headshots, web-presence, marketing materials and then set goals for the next year.

Consultations are available via Zoom and in person in Burbank, CA with Emily Reas and John D’Aquino. What happens in a consult depends on the needs of each actor, but common topics include:

  • Marketing Materials Review – Acting Databases, Headshots, Demo Reels
  • Agent + Manager discussion and checklist
  • Updating materials for consistent branding based on age, type, etc.
  • Moving markets? What to expect and how to prepare 
  • Training overview, and what training is essential for commercial & theatrical training

Purchase as $65 extra fee as an add-on at time of booking a private coaching with Emily or John to convert your private session to a career consultation.