Connor Falk

Connor Falk was born in Trondheim, Norway. At four years old, Connor moved with his family to Vail where he continued to live until the age of 12. During his time in Colorado, Connor was an avid rock climber, skier, and gymnast, and participated in martial arts. However, after being dragged to Denver on the weekends for his older sister’s acting classes, and after attending numerous of her musical theater performances, he became fascinated with the performing arts. At the age of 10 he began participating in local musical theater, and taking classes with his sister in Denver. When Connor was 12 years old he booked his first television role as ‘Young Chase’ in the Hulu/Marvel series Runaways. This on-set experience solidified his love of acting, and in the fall of 2017 he moved to Los Angeles with his mother. Since moving to LA, Connor has starred in Criminal Minds, Forever, Black-ish, and can be seen in Sydney to the Max, and the Disney+ show Diary of a Future President, RITA and more. Connor took our Pilot Prep Workshop.