Leah Prehn


As the mom of a young actor, I wanted to experience an acting class myself. WOW! I was not prepared for the amazing community of actors that I would meet and the level of training I would receive. One class has turned into 5 workshops, soon to be 6, and I find myself on my own journey into acting outside of my son’s. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

These classes are for people who are serious about wanting to learn how to read a script, actively listen to their scene partners, and make bold, emotional choices in their performances. The actors in class range from seasoned professional currently shooting projects, to new adults exploring acting for the first time. Anyone that’s serious about entering the world of acting, or upping their skill level, should take a class with John D/Aquino and his team.

The best part is the experience with the other actors in class who are totally supportive. Every time I enter a class, it’s like getting together with friends and doing something we love.