Sketch Comedy Stand Up Showcase & Variety Show!

Your agent calls. You have an audition! She says “Choose one of three scenes, and bring in three unique, original, and hysterical characters by 4pm tomorrow! Be prepared to sing and dance!” What do you do? You panic, of course. You get upset, which makes your mom upset. What do you do? The answer is, you prepare your characters before that call comes in.

During this two weekend workshop intensive, students will work with our teachers to learn to create and bring comedic characters to life. 


  • Creating own portfolio of original comedic sketch characters
  • Understanding the foundations of how to start a comedy career
  • Learning how to write a joke
  • Tools to perform on stage at a comedy club
  • Utilizing pauses for maximum comedic effect
  • How to set up and deliver a joke

On the last day of the intensive, students will perform in a variety show for industry pros and receive feedback  and development notes.