Liana Ramirez

Ever since she could walk, Liana Ramirez has had a passion for performing and storytelling. At fourteen, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and she has been very successful, appearing multiple times on such networks as the Disney Channel, CBS and Netflix. Ramirez also stars in Star Light, a horror feature by the producer of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot series. She came to AW through a referral, and took our Pilot Prep Workshop, Camp Hollywood, and private coached with John.

Ramirez can be seen in Power Rangers Beast Morphers on Nickelodeon as Evil, The Yellow Ranger. In the midst of auditioning, graduating at sixteen, and working hard in her latest TV show, Liana also wrote her first novel “The Secrets Within Me”. She started creative writing before she was ten and aspires to one day have her own section in Barnes and Noble, dedicated to her books.